Over the last 20 years, we have successfully served over 400 International firms, large and small, with innovative solutions and cost-effective best practices developed through our decades of experience. Here are some examples:


  • hundreds of types of products sourced
  • 50 executive visits or market/competitors researches followed by partners/distributors searches, strategies and concepts
  • 200 top managers identified and recruited
  • 100 production and commercial companies established, including operational and customs regulatory research; search and hiring of management; employment documentation; IP protection and registration (know-how, patents, trademarks, CCC marks); taxes and import duties optimization; legal, administrative and banking registrations; data & cyber protection as well as IT concept and network set-up
  • 20 formation of Joint-Ventures and M&As, including target or partner identification; financial, legal, HR, IT & business due diligence; negotiations; joint business plans; Share Purchase or Joint-Venture & Shareholder Agreements; license and non-competition agreements; legal incorporations and alterations;
  • dozens of legal cases handled and conflicts resolved

Back office Support

  • 30 companies under administrative management, accounting and financial reporting, numerous internal audits
  • 30 companies under HR management, legal and IT Maintenance
  • financial and legal supervision, participating in subsidiaries’ governance as a Board Member or Supervisor

Some references:

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In the following industries

  • Medical devices, import-export and local production
  • Pharmaceuticals, biosimilars and biotechnologies
  • Automotive components, assemblies & passenger car OEM
  • Luxury goods, cosmetics, food, alcohol
  • Fashion, textiles & garments
  • Household appliances, furniture, kitchenware
  • Telecommunication, internet, software and ERPs, cloud solutions
  • Machinery and production equipment
  • Precision machining, tooling & measurement instruments
  • Chemical plants, fine and specialty chemicals
  • Construction materials, sustainable building technologies
  • Renewable energies, smart grid, recycling
  • Automation technologies and robotics, electronics
  • Aeronautics, railways, engineering
  • High and new technologies, quantum technologies
  • Universities, Research & Development, education

Some of the companies we serve:

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