CCTV 13 aired an exclusive interview with Nicolas Musy, founder of China Integrated and the Swiss Centers of China on 14th January. In the interview, Musy shared his experience as a Swiss national in doing business in China, and his outlook on Sino-Swiss economic cooperation in the future.

An English transcript of Mr. Musy’s quotations from the interview can be found below:

“(00:36) I first came to Shanghai, China in 1986. Pretty soon, I started my own textile business located in Suzhou.

(02:48) The Chinese economy is growing at 6.5% per year now. But compared to 5 or 10 years ago, when the economy was growing at a rate of 10%, there are more opportunities that China offers to the world. This is because the development is heavily focused on the technology sector. This change is not only interesting for Swiss companies, but also benefits China’s economic development.”

The Year of the Rooster opens up in an environment that has rarely been so unpredictable. Yet, we can be optimistic and we certainly hope for the best.

We therefore wish you and all of us another year filled with joy, health and many Chinese opportunities followed by numerous successes!