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We shall be unable to turn natural advantage
to success unless we make use of local guides.
-The Art of War, Sun Zi

Manager – PR & Marketing

Manager – PR & Marketing

Title: Manager – PR & Marketing

Report to: Founding Partner & COO for PR Marketing matters

Based in: Shanghai                                                                                                                   

Personal attributes: 

  • Honest, loyal, personable, positive, straightforward and outgoing
  • Interested in learning and working on a variety of task
  • Pro-active, self-driven, solutions- and results-oriented
  • Detail-oriented with a passion for quality work
  • Team player, sense of responsibilities
  • Fast learning, creative
  • Analytical, structure and logical thinking


Specific Responsibilities: 

Marketing & Communication


Based on China Integrated’s key company objectives and USPs, continuously, significantly and measurably:

  • grow China Integrated’s intellectual capital and thought leadership by increasing awareness and depth of perception of the company‘s China expert status
  • increase number of channels, media and contacts interested in China Integrated’s publications
  • increase China Integrated website ranking in search engines and inquiries to it
  • generate leads in the form of existing and potential clients making contact with China Integrated
  • support clients in the integration of content strategy and digital resources into their overall China entry and expansion strategy

in summary: “Bring potential clients into our shop” in a sustainable way and for the long termActivities

  • Develop and manage the content of all China Integrated communication in order to strengthen the company image, according to existing China Integrated sales & marketing and communication principles; including:
    • Operational Letter
    • websites and social media,
    • online and print advertising,
    • brochures, presentations and sales & marketing materials in general


  • Manage the distribution of China Integrated’s publications to its target audience, through:
    • Direct mailing to existing clients and contacts
    • Linkedin (and other social media as decided) and website
    • Print & Web media
    • China Integrated channels (one-to-one and multilateral)
  • Maintain and develop China Integrated network of partners, media, channels, and accademic institutions in the business and executive education field through:
    • maintaining joint activities with the existing network and proposing new ones
    • researching and identifying of most suitable and prestigious contacts
    • acquiring them into the network through one to one communication


  • Promote traffic of general public to China Integrated website, through:
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) via technical optimization of website
    • increasing quality inbound links (including in social media)


Public Relations

  • Execute and promote PR services for China Integrated clients (Including press release creation, media outreach, content strategy, social media and digital strategy)
  • Other PR related to Swiss activities


Proofreading & Quality Assurance

  • Proofread and improve the language and structure quality of documents to external clients/partners including mandates, agreements, reports, and meeting minutes
  • Ensure the documents are following the company’s documents standards in terms of format, logic and content organization
  • In charge of overall company root document templates



  • Measure activities results according to company process and key objectives
  • Report on a weekly basis in a chart-based and management-friendly manner 


Education, Skills & Experience

  • English native, German or French a plus
  • At least HSK 4 proficiency
  • Overseas university education, focus in marketing and business, economics or management is a plus
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Very good people skills and communication skills
  • Ability to work in a Chinese environment
  • Able to think and make own judgement based on company guidelines and processes
  • Able to develop concepts, express them clearly and to convince with concise, specific and relevant facts and examples
  • Familiarity with operation of Chinese social media and web resources, including registration of public accounts, back-end operation, and usage of analytics
  • Experience with WeChat public accounts (微信公众平台),Weibo (微博), Baidu Tongji (百度统计) and Webmaster (百度站长平台)
  • Team and project management skills or experience
  • Good skills with design software, such as photoshop and illustrator
  • Content Management System and general HTML + CSS experience a plus
  • Experience with Google web tools: Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Google Adwords  



Applicants with no previous China experience will be offered to start with a 6 months internship


Kindly send applications together with passport photo, certificates and resumes in English to


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