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-The Art of War, Sun Zi

China’s Goals & Key Challenges – and the opportunities they generate!

China’s Goals & Key Challenges – and the opportunities they generate!
February 2018

China’s Goals & Key Challenges –and the opportunities they generate!

Since Deng Xiaoping launched his reforms, China has given itself the goal to be, once again, a world power. Due to the expanding space that China is taking, economically and on the geo-political scene, the developed world is challenged and often views China’s rise as an aggressive development. Yet for the Chinese people, this is no more than regaining a position that China held not so long ago – its rightful position.

During his second mandate, President Xi Jinping, firmly in power, is making a bid to reassert China’s position in its traditional Asian sphere of influence. In doing so, it is giving itself a number of goals and challenges which will collide with US policy under its new course.
China’s goals and US policy will no doubt set the agenda of the world’s economic opportunities for the years to come and create chances and risks, all at the same time.

Yet, while US policy seems to have become less predictable than China’s intended path, much information is available on the USA’s development. China’s goals and challenges, however, are much less analyzed. Understanding them will allow business leaders to better steer their own path in a changing world.

China and USA: the twin engines of international economic opportunities

In 1820, China accounted for one third of World GDP.

In 2017, the People’s Republic was responsible for roughly 15% of total GDP while sustaining about 18.5% of the world population.

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