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As long as we understand each other as friends do,
it doesn’t matter how far we are from each other.

Management Team
Tina TIAN Ermin Tina TIAN Ermin

Graduated from Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, USA with a major in Business.

Experience in assisting with handling internal administration, as well as payroll handling for external project, and visa application for foreign employees.

Founding Partner
Nicolas MUSY

Operations & Production Management
Shirley WANG Tao

Finance & Controlling
Cynthia CHENG Junwei
Trista SHEN Ting

Research, Sourcing & Trade
Joan ZHONG Jianping
Jeffrey ZHU Guangli

Legal & Intellectual Property
Shelley ZOU Shengling

Executive Search
Veronica ZHU Jing
Jane LI Yan

Human Resources Management
Melody ZHUANG Jie
Tina TIAN Ermin

IT Concepts & Solutions
Shirley WANG Tao

PR & Marketing
Bernhard HAGEN
Jeffrey ZHU Guangli

General Manager Beijing

General Manager Mongolia
Shurengerel SUKHBAATAR

Director Switzerland

Director Hong Kong
Clayton, K.M. CHAN

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