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We shall be unable to turn natural advantage
to success unless we make use of local guides.
-The Art of War, Sun Zi

Responsible Business
Responsible Business

Cynthia CHENG Junwei
CFO,15 years experience in
financial management


Responsible Business

At China Integrated, we believe in supporting causes that not only promote business, but also the environment which we do business in.

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset charity

By providing the organizational support and promotion of the Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset charity (“A Breathtaking Experience”), we contribute to the efforts to preserve one of the last pristine places on earth and try to enhance the natural identity of its nomadic inhabitants.

Sichuan School Sponsorship Project

To help alleviate the effects of the Sichuan 2008 earthquake, the most devastating disaster that China witnessed in the past 30 years, China Integrated supported the project developed by the Shanghai Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The goal of this earthquake relief project was to build a school in the epicenter area. We are proud to confirm that the school has now opened and welcomes hundreds of children each year.

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