China Integrated

We shall be unable to turn natural advantage
to success unless we make use of local guides.
-The Art of War, Sun Zi

Mission & Strengths
Mission & Strengths

MBA, 22 years in China entry strategy & production


Our Mission

China Integrated facilitates the long-term, superior success of its clients by integrating its unique knowledge, range of expertise and implementation capabilities.

Our Strengths

• the unique ability to integrate in-house all competences, non-core to our clients, but
 critical to plan, establish and successfully run a business in China.

• a proven track record and over 20 years of experience not simply selling services,
  but facilitating success. We are prepared to assume responsibility for projects as if
  the client’s company is our own.

• our key drivers come from diverse backgrounds, including engineering, finance and
 business – we are able to understand our client’s businesses and relate to their

• on-going management experience: we run a few operations for our clients so that we
 have up to date, hands-on operational experience of running industrial and
 service businesses in China.

• extraordinary experience and network: we have been setting-up and expanding
 businesses in China for ourselves and for our clients over the past 25 years.

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